Author Credentials

Niccia Ditrapano MD, Katherine Redmond DO, Jamila Ranavaya MD, Jennie Yoost MD, MSc1


Human papilloma virus, vaccination, HPV, pharmacy


Medicine and Health Sciences

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The uptake of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine in West Virginia is lagging despite it being highly protective against HPV related diseases. The purpose of this study was to determine parent and provider perception on usingpharmacies for HPV vaccination in adolescents. This was done by surveying both parents and providers in a rural academic institution. Providers were surveyed before and six months after an educational intervention that instructed providers on local legislation and the logistics of prescribing the HPV vaccine through pharmacies. The provider survey assessed awareness of pharmacy vaccine access and prescribing practices. Parents of adolescents were surveyed to assess what patients might benefit most from pharmacy access for vaccination. A total of 71 providers completed the initial survey, and 45 completed the six-month assessment. Only 22.5% were aware of the pharmacy legislation at the initial survey, and 64.4% at six months (p=