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Winter 3-4-2012

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Ankara University is the first university to be founded in the Turkish Republic and contains the earliest higher education institutions in Turkey. Ankara University State Conservatory was established in 1998, and as part of a restructuring process, Ankara University Soloists chamber music ensemble was founded in April 2011. Alongside performing the standard chamber music repertoire, the ensemble’s foremost mission is to promote Turkish culture both at home and abroad by performing rarely heard works of old Turkish masters, such as the Turkish Five, as well as creating opportunities for younger composers by premiering their new works. Ankara University Soloists, all newly appointed faculty at the State Conservatory, collaborate with renowned international soloists in musical and educational projects. The ensemble’s core is made up of four string players whose individual careers in solo and chamber music playing span almost 30 years and cover four continents. The ensemble gave its inaugural performance in June 2011 to a select audience, which included the Turkish President, state ministers and other protocol.

Marshall University Department of Music


This program was also performed on Friday, March 2, 2012 at First Presbyterian Church, Huntington at 12pm.


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Zanter, Mark

Akses, Necil Kâzım, 1908-1999. Quartets, strings, no. 1

String quartets.


Ankar University, M. Orhan Ahiskal, Ellen Jewett, Cetin Aydar, Sinan Dizman


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