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Fall 11-9-2013

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Derek Staley, vibraphone, timpani, marimba

Ross Patrick, vibraphone, timpani, marimba, cajon

Joe Crowe, cajon

Jacob Hoskins, Sean McCallister, marimba

Shane Stevens, piano

Program Notes

The Swan Princess by Daniel Eisenhardt (b.l982) is a complex work with various diverse parts in a manner of a rhapsody. Lively, fast passages with hints of change progress the jazz harmony to romantic worn melodies, which are also intercepted and changed with minimalistic sections. The various Chantelle are fragments of melody so interconnected that they nevertheless arise from a coarse whole.

Four Pieces for Timpani by John Bergamo (1940-2013) has become a major part of the standard timpani repertoire as John Bergamo gain much acclaim for this piece from performers and educators alike. Each piece provides a different and unique style to the performance.

Scenes from the Woods by Brian Blume (b.1950) is an energetic quartet written for a circle of marimbas, each with their own woodblock. Blume states in the music, "This piece is a look back at some of the special times I spent in the woods near my parents' house: a fast-paced game of tag or hide-and-seek; the quiet moments of solitude and reflection; a mysterious, foggy evening the sun's rays slicing through the canopy of trees; and making the most of a rainy day."

Tango by Nils Rohwer (b.l963) and Jens Schliecker (b.1959) is a very rhythmical and forceful Tango piece. Nils and Jens have their own duo called "Piano Meets Vibes" which they have worked together for over twenty years. Throughout this time, they created this piece with very free rhythmic activity and powerful motives traveling through the piece.

Two Mexican Dances by Gordon Stout (b.1952) was originally written as a one-movement vibraphone piece while studying under Warren Benson. Benson suggested writing a second movement to the piece and changing the instrumentation to marimba. Due to this suggestion, Stout dedicated Two Mexican Dances for marimba to Warren Benson.

Bateria by Darin Kamstra (b. 1976) is a piece for four timpani utilizing Brazilian samba rhythms on the timpani. In the piece there are parts that simulate surdo, tambourin, guiro, and repinique on timpani. There are various techniques for these instruments that need to be slightly altered to work correctly on this new instrument. This piece calls for playing with wooden mallets, brushes, felt mallets, and hands creating a lot of new sounds.

Three Miniatures by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), arranged by Luigi Morleo (b. 1970), is a collection of five pieces by Astor Piazzolla arranged for vibraphone by Luigi Morleo. Piazzolla is from Argentiua and was famous for tango for accordion. I will be playing three of the five miniatures in the order of Detresse, Dernier Lamento, and Romantico Idilio. These pieces that are translated from French are translated to Distress, The Last "I'm Sorry", and The Perfect Romance.

Slide Rule by Josh Gottry and Johnny Woodbury (b. 1974) (b. 1994) is from a book of cajon solos and duets called "Out of the Box". A cajon is a Peruvian percussion instrument that creates many different sounds on the face of the drum. This duet has many meter changes that creates many different grooves and rhythms. Joe Crowe is playing the second part; he is a senior music education major at Marshall University.

Ollin by Tizoe Ceballos (b. 1980) is a multiple percussion duet for bass drum, four congas, and four bongos. The piece is based on the Aztec sun calendar, which speculates the end of the world to come in the form of a solar eclipse. The piece uses a taiko drum style that utilizes stick clicks and shouting to simulate the tribal chants and rhythms of the Aztec people.


Smith Recital Hall

Library of Congress Authorities

Bergamo, John

Rohwer, Nils

Schliecker, Jens.

Stout, Gordon. Mexican dances

Piazzolla, Astor. Pieces, guitar. Romántico

Gottry, Josh


recitals, percussion music, arrangements

Marshall University Music Department Presents a Joint Sentior Recital, Derek Staley and Ross Patrick, with guest artists, Joe Crowe, cajon, Jacob Hoskins, marimba, Sean McCallister, marinba, Shane Stevens, piano