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Brody Potter, Caleb Hardy, alto saxophone

Lucy Ward, Jordan Carinelli, tenor saxophone

Aaron Jarvis, baritone saxophone

Brianna Williams, Mykal Haner, trombone

John Galloway, bass trombone

Alaina Krantz, vocal

Andrea Withee, Christy Carson, Adam Burroway, trumpet

Colten Settle, Stephen Dorsey, guitar

Tim Smith, piano

Jordan Trent, Colin Milam, bass

Rod Elkins, drums

Beyond Category

He didn't sleep at night

He liked to eat large meals-steak, vegetables, and grapefruit

He drank Coca-Cola with sugar in it

He hated to color green, especially wallpaper

Duke Ellington liked to eat ice cream

He was constantly clean-sartorially speaking

He was the greatest flirt-ever

He respected his elders

He though that the 13th was a lucky day and Friday the 13th was an especially lucky day

He loved the differences in people and revered originality above all else

He liked kangaroos

Duke Ellington remembered people's birthdays

He was patriotic

He worshiped his mother

He was a very good dancer

He liked blue, royal blue, especially curtains

He had good manners and loved New Orleans

Duke Ellington was always calm, even though he was the leader of an orchestra of 16 musicians-all characters-ready, willing, and inclined to express themselves

Duke Ellington touched more people than confetti

He captured the sound of trains, planes, baby(s), lions, and elephants

He liked simple songs with complicated developments and pretty endings

He didn't change with the style; he developed

He invented a new system of harmony based on the blues-whole musical forms that have yet to be imitated

He invented new logics of part writing and orchestration for each composition

In other words, he was slave to no systems

Duke Ellington combined the sensuality of the blues with the naïveté of society music to create blue mood pieces

He understood that music is neither new nor old

He believed that there were two kinds of music: the good kind and the other kind

He was the world's most prolific composer of blues, blueses of all shapes and sizes

Duke Ellington wrote music based on Shakespeare's themes

Wrote music to accompany the paintings of Degas

Wrote thousands of inventive arrangements for instrumentalists and vocalists of various levels of sophistication

Wrote music in all 12 known keys and some keys that are still unknown

Wrote music about romantic life under Paris skies

Wrote music about little bugs and other Night Creatures

Wrote music about countries all over the world from Nippon to Togo

Wrote music to accompany movies, television shows, ballets,

Broadway shows, and the exercise of horizontal options

Wrote music to be played in gymnasiums, street parades, and charades

Wrote sacred music

Wrote music about the human experience; if it was experienced, he stylized it

In other words, Duke Ellington had a lot on his mind.

-Wynton Marsalis

Forward of Beyond Category, by John Edward Hasse


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