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Spring 3-1-2011

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Dr. Elizabeth Reed Smith, conductor

Olivia Hay, violin soloist, Winner, 2011 Young People's Concert Competition sponsored by the Woman's Club of Huntington

Dr. Jeffrey Pappas, narrator

Olivia Hay, a home-schooled student from Huntington, WV, has played violin for eight years and is a violin student of Patricia Green. At three years of age, Olivia began begging for music lessons. At six, she began learning piano, and a nine, the violin. Recently she began studying the viola, but still longs to learn every other instrument in the orchestra, much to her parents' distress.

In recent years, Olivia has participated in several music programs. She loves playing with the West Virginia Youth Symphony, Tri-State Youth Orchestra, All-State Orchestra, and Marshall University Orchestra. Every year, she attends a summer music program at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Recently she attended Governor's School for the Arts, won the Vaughan Fellowship with the West Virginia Symphony, and attended an Honors String Festival in North Carolina. She also performs in every local WVMTA program. Of all these activities her absolute favorite is orchestra.

In this, her junior year, Olivia has begun to consider colleges. She plans to double major in Violin Performance and Music Education. Beyond college she hopes to play in professional orchestras and ensembles, teach private lessons, and instruct music in elementary school. Her lifelong dream is to share music with everyone, and instill in children a passion for music.

In her academic studies, Olivia prefers History and English to Math and Science, harboring great angst for Chemistry. Beyond school, she enjoys competitive swimming and singing in her church choir. She savors reading classics, watching black-and-white movies, and shopping with friends. Above all, however, Olivia loves music of all kinds and plans to spend her life learning as much as she can.

Acknowledgments: Woman's Club of Huntington, Dr. Jeffrey Pappas, Dr. Vicki Stroeher, Dr. Martin Saunders, Dr. Larry Stickler, Kay Lawson, Levi Billiter

Clowns: Keith Bailey, Matt Chaffins

Orchestra Personnel:

Lindsay DiFatta, concertmaster, Molly Page, Angela Scoulas, Abby Melissa Holmes, Rebecca Lepanto, Samuel Bausennan, George Beter, violin I

Janet Bromley, principal, Allison Kessinger, Michael Wilcoxon, Kelcey Perkins, Olivia Hay, violin II

Tim Feverston, principal, Aaron Caviani, Vera Miller, Jame C. McCumbee, viola

Ezgi Karakuş, principal, Dean Pauley, James Kiger, Ronnie Thompson, Lena Williams, Jaime Dzierzak, cello

Rebecca M. Harrison, principal, Ethan Howard, Jeffery Smith, Dustin Moraczewski, bass

Shey Dillon, principal, Emily Crabtree, flute

Sean T. Reed, piccolo

Cassandra Chapman, principal, Emily Cline, oboe

Alyssa Hughes, principal, Ryan Striker, clarinet

Hannah Bird, bass clarinet

Chris McNees, principal, Chris Kimes, bassoon

Nicholas Bragg, principal, Melinda Kelle, Kristen Liegey, Billy Holderby, horn

Benjamin Stem, principal, Brandon Layman, Isaac Winland, trumpet

Andrew O'Neal, principal, Karen Barnett, trombone

Andrew Fleck, bass trombone

Peter Gallus, tuba

Anna Maria Firth, timpani

Levi Billiter, Chris Grizzell, Daniel Miller, percussion


Smith Recital Hall

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recitals, orchestra, concerto, violin


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Marshall University Music Department Presents the Marshall University Symphony Orchestra, Family Concert, Dr. Elizabeth Reed Smith, conductor, with, Olivia Hay, violin soloist, and, Dr. Jeffrey Pappas, narrator