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Spring 4-8-2010

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Steven Hall, conductor

Levi Billiter, assistant conductor

Andrew "Wah-Wah'' Winters, guitar

Mike Cochran, bass guitar

Dr. Ann Bingham, clarinet

Personnel: Johnna Bailey, Joe Bias, Levi Billiter, Justin Bowe, Michael Cochran, Joseph Crowe, Anna Maria Firth, Corey Fitzpatrick , Chris Grizzell, James Hairston, Emily Hall, Amy Holliday, Sean McCallister, Jenna Palmer, Ross Patrick, Aaron Statler*, Derek Staley, Tyler Stewart, Neal Titus, Reece Watkins, Joe Wilkinson, Amanda Young

* graduate student

Greg Simon, composer and jazz trumpeter, holds a B.A. from the University of Puget Sound and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He currently studies composition with Richard Toensing; he has also studied with Daniel Kellogg, Carter Pann and Robert Hutchinson, and has worked in masterclass with Alan Fletcher, Michael Daugherty, Mark Anthony Turnage, Martin Bresnick, Forrest Pierce, Marilyn Shrude, and Dana Wilson. He has also studied with Kevin Puts and Robert Aldridge at the Brevard Music Institute. His works have been commissioned and/or performed by the Adelphian Concert Choir, the Tasman String Quartet, the Fifth House Ensemble of Chicago, and others. His work Three Portraits won the 2008 Edward Levy prize in composition; the resulting commission, Piano Quintet No. 1: Scenes from Childhood, won an honorable mention in the Fifth House Ensemble's Young Composer Competition. More recently, Greg has been honored with the George Lynn Prize for his work for wind ensemble Foolish Fire, commissioned by Loveland High School. Upcoming commissions include works for Erik Steighner (professor of saxophone at Pacific Lutheran University) and Terry Sawchuck (professor of trumpet at the University of Colorado).

Program Note:

The 30-kilometer area immediately surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been uninhabitable by humans due to radiation since the explosion of Reactor IV at 1:23 on April26, 1986. This area, sometimes called the "Dead Zone," will remain dangerous for generations, with some estimating 900 years of unsafe radiation levels. In the wake of the disaster, the Dead Zone killed hundreds of firefighters sent in to extinguish the flames. Most of the thousands of evacuees experience or have experienced health problems brought on by radiation sickness. Now the only inhabitants are abandoned vehicles and wildlife also suffering radiation effects. Reactor IV has been entombed in a concrete sarcophagus in hopes of controlling the radioactive material inside. At the foot of the sarcophagus is a statue of the Greek Titan Prometheus, known for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to the humans.


Smith Recital Hall


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Marshall University Music Department Presents the Marshall University Percussion Ensemble, Steven Hall, conductor, Levi Billiter, assistant conductor