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Fall 11-29-2009

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Matt Sparks, baritone

Pam Johnson, piano

This recital is presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. Mr. Sparks is a student in the voice studio of Mrs. Branita Holbrook-Bratka and had previously studied with Dr. David Castleberry and Dr. Larry Stickler.



I see a mill gleaming

Out from the alders;

Through the roaring and singing

Bursts the clatter of wheels.

Hey, welcome, welcome!

Sweet mill-song!

And the house, so comfortable!

And the windows, how clean!

And the sun, how brightly

It shines from Heaven!

Hey, brooklet, dear brook,

Was this, then, what you meant?

Danksagung an den Bach

Was this, then, what you meant,

My rushing friend?

Your singing and you ringing?

Was this what you meant?

"To the Millermaid!"

It seems to say...

Right? Have I understood?

"To the Millermaid!"

Has she sent you?

Or am I deluding myself?

I would like to know,

Whether she has sent you.

Now, however it may be,

I commit myself!

What I sought, I have found.

However it may be.

After work l ask,

Now have I enough

For my hands and my heart?

Completely enough!

Am Feierabend

If only I had a thousand

Arms to move!

If I could loudly

Drive the wheels!

If I could blow

Through all the groves!

If I could turn

All the stones!

So that the beautiful Millermaid

Would notice my faithful thoughts!

Ah, why is my arm so weak?

What I lift, what I carry,

What I cut, what l beat,

Every lad does it just as well as l do.

And there I sit in the great gathering,

In the quiet, cool hour of rest,

And the master speaks to us all:

"Your work has pleased me;"

And the lovely maiden says

"Good night to everyone."

Der Neugierige

I ask no flower,

I ask no star;

None of them can tell me,

What I so eagerly want to know.

l am surely not a gardener,

The stars stand too high;

My brooklet will I ask,

Whether my heart has lied to me.

0 brooklet of my love,

Why are you so quiet today?

l want to know just one thing -

One little word again and again.

The one little word is "Yes",

The other is "No",

Both these little words

Make up the entire world to me.

O brooklet of my love,

Why are you so strange?

I'll surely not repeat it;

Tell me, a brooklet, does she love me?

Non piu andrai

You won't go any more, amorous butterfly

Fluttering around inside night and day

Disturbing the sleep of beauties,

A little Narcissus and Adonis of love.

You won't have those fine feathers any more,

That light and jaunty hat,

That hair, that shining aspect,

That womanish red color [in your face]!

Among soldiers, by Bacchus!

A huge moustache, a little knapsack

Gun on your back, sword at your side

Your neck straight, your nose exposed,

A big helmet, or a big turban,

A lot of honour, very little pay.

And in place of the dance

A march through the mud.

Over mountains, through valleys,

With snow, and heat-stroke,

To the music of trumpets,

Of bombards, and of cannons,

Which, at every boom,

Will make bullets whistle past your ear.

Cherubino, go to victory!

To military glory!


Lydia, on your rosy cheeks,

And on your neck, so fresh and white,

Flow sparklingly

The fluid golden tresses which you loosen.

This shining day is the best of all;

Let us forget the eternal grave,

Let your kisses, your kisses of a dove,

Sing on your blossoming lips.

A hidden lily spreads unceasingly

A divine fragrance in your breast;

Numberless delights

Emanate from you, young goddess,

I love you and die, oh my love;

Kisses have carried away my soul!

Oh Lydia, give me back life,

That I may die, forever die!

Chanson d' Amour

I love your eyes, I love your face,

O my rebellious, o my fierce one,

I love your eyes, I love your lips

Where my kisses will exhaust themselves.

I love your voice, T love the strange

Gracefulness of everything that you say,

O my rebellious one, o my dear angel,

My inferno and my paradise!

I love your eyes, I love your face,

I love everything that makes you beautiful,

From your feet to your hair,

O you, to whom ascend all my desires!


Smith Recital Hall

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Marshall University Music Department Presents a Senior Recital, Matt Sparks, baritone, accompanied by, Pam Johnson, piano