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Fall 11-18-2010

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Jason Mitchell, soprano saxophone

Sara Vorac, alto saxophone

Zack Merritt, tenor saxophone

Carl Hamlin, baritone saxophone

Aaron Statler, djembe

Program Notes

brier roses is a piece of music for saxophone quartet which draws its inspiration from the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. The work is separated into five separate movements each with titles which are lines taken from the text. brier roses is a narrative yet the work does not create literal references to the text. Instead this work alludes to certain moods and underlying tensions that certain lines from the text suggest.

brier roses is written for saxophone quartet however the quartet is not a quartet in the traditional sense. The saxophonists are treated as reed musicians and as a result double on different woodwind instruments in this work. This work is improvisatory in form and the performers are only told to play certain instruments in certain sections of the work. Staging and lighting cues are used as an important element in brier roses. Focus can be drawn to certain music elements by placing spotlights on certain performers while these elements are performed. - Zack Merritt


Jomie Jazz Forum

Library of Congress Authorities

Mackey, John C., 1973- Strange humors


recitals, saxophone, quartet, arrangements


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Marshall University Music Department Presents the Hydronium Saxophone Quartet, featuring: Jason Mitchell: soprano saxophone, Sara Vorac: alto saxophone, Zack Merritt: tenor saxophone, Carl Hamlin: baritone saxophone