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Michael Sidoti



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Fall 10-26-2008

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Michael Sidoti, voice

accompanied by: Mark Smith, piano

This recital is presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in performance. Mr. Sidoti is a student in the voice studio of Dr. Larry Stickler.

S'il est un sein bien aimant

Dont l'honneur dispose,

Dont le tendre dévouement

N'ait rien de morose,

Si toujours ce noble sein

Bat pour un digne dessein,

J'en veux faire le cousin

ton front se pose!

S'il est un rêve d'amour,

Parfumé de rose,

l'on trouve chaque jour

Quelque douce chose,

Un rêve que Dieu bénit,

l'âme à l'àme s'unit,

Ohl j'en veux faire le nid

ton coeur se pose!

If there is a very loving breast

that is ruled by honor,

whose tender devotion

has nothing morose about it,

if that noble breast always

beats for a worthy goal,

I want to make of it the cushion

where your forehead may rest!

If there is a dream of love

scented with rose,

where every day is found

some sweet thing,

a dream that God blesses,

in which one soul unites with another,

Oh! I want to make of it the nest

where your heart may rest!


Ici-bas taus /es lilas meurent,

Taus les chants des oiseaux sont courts,

Je rêve aux étes qui demeurent toujours

Ici-bas levres effleurent

Sans , rien laisser de leur velours,

e rêve aux baisers qui demeurent toujours!

Ici-bas, tous les hommes pleurent

Leurs amitiés ou leurs amours ...

Je rêve aux couples qui demeurent,

qui demeurent toujours!

Down Here

Down here, all lilacs die,

all songs of the birds are short,

I dream of summers

that endure forever!

Down here, lips fade,

and leave nothing of their velvet,

I dream of kisses that last forever!

Down here, all men weep

for their friendships or their loves ...

I dream of couples who remain,

who remain always together!

Les Berceaux

Le long du quai, les grands vaisseaux,

Que la houle incline en silence,

Ne prennent pas garde aux berceaux,

Que la main des femmes balance.

Mais viendra lejour des adieux,

Car il faut que les femmes pleurent,

Et que les hommes curieux

Tentent les horizons qui leurrentl

Et ce jour-là les grands vaisseaux,

Fuyant le port qui diminue,

Sentent leur masse retenue

Par l’àme des lointains berceaux

The Cradles

Along the quay, the great ships

that ride the swell in silence

take no notice of the cradles

that the hands of the women rock.

But the day of farewells will come,

when the women must weep,

and curious men are tempted

towards the horizons that lure them!

And that day the great ships,

sailing away from the diminishing port,

feel their bulk held back

by the spirits of the distant cradles.


Smith Recital Hall

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Marshall University Music Department Presents a Junior Recital, Michael Sidoti, voice