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Publication Date

Fall 10-21-2014

Year of Release



Dr. Elizabeth Reed Smith, conductor

Dr. Larry Stickler, narrator

Acknowledgments: Dr. Edwin Bingham, Dr. Richard Kravchak, Dr. Martin Saunders, the percussion studio

Orchestra Personnel

Angela Scoulas**, Molly Page, Olivia Hay, Yuhao Zhou, Nathanial Ramsey, Michael Wilcoxon, violin

Maggie Cobb*, Heather Taylor, Kaitlyn Fulks, Megan Legg, Kelcey Perkins, Samuel Bauseonan, violin II

Jacob Campbell*, Christianna Dixon, Lucia Soltis, Steven Trinkle, viola

Dean Pauley*, Ryan Phipps, David Hay, cello

Ryan Morgan*, Craig Burletic, Connor Barebo, bass

Danielle Olson*, Allison Kessinger, flute

Allison Kessinger, piccolo

Eric Caines*, Lena Williams, oboe

Scott Nibert*, Emily Hall, clarinet

Michelle McKenzie*, Chris Kimes, Edwin Bingham, Richard Kravchak, bassoon

Christian Cremeans*, Danielle Ocheltree, Joshua Stewart, Zachary New, horn

Sean Maxwell*, Justin Bahawi, trumpet

John Bruce*, Bradley Brown, Alex Cardwell, trombone

Tyler Davis*, Seth Edwards, tuba

Keith Bailey, Matthew Bradley, Charles Powell, Chris Scarberry, percussion

** Concertmaster



Smith Recital Hall


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Marshall University Music Department Presents The Marshall University Symphony Orchestra, in, Who's Afraid of the Orchestra?, Dr. Elizabeth Reed Smith, conductor, Dr. Larry Stickler, narrator