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Publication Date

Spring 4-25-2009

Year of Release



Katherine Bandy, Katherine Bush, Chanisha Mendenhall, soloists


Mr. Robert Wray, conductor

Justin Wiget, pianist

Summer Adkins, Daina Berry, Natasha Beverly, Katherine Bush, Erin Collins, Amanda Davis, Molly Gallagher, Ashley Gilbert, Brittany Kimbal, Amber Martin, Chanisha Mendenhall, Maggie Noel, Jasmine Norwood, Rachel Siders, Kayla Turner, Sara Vorac, Diana Vorhees, Aurelia Ward, soprano

Katherine Bandy, Hannah Bird, Caren Blake, Christa Blake, Deeanna Cecil, Megan Collier, Lindsay DiFatta, Samantha Fox, Amber Galloway, Elizabeth M. Gibson, Kathryn Greer, Kristen Hainkel, Amy Holliday, Jessica Kline, Julie Miller, Jenna Palmer, Brittany White, alto

Phillip Bailey, Cody Bartrug, James Christlieb, Tim Cline, Casey Edwards, Daniel Ferreira, Ian Ferrell, Peter Gallus, Billy Holderby, John Horn, Jerrod Laber, Andrew Lowers, John McAlister, Justin Wiget, tenor

Jason Arnoldt, Joe Bradley, Jason Breslin, Christian Carlsson, Danny Holderby, Matt Kelly, Christopher Leonard, T.K. Lombardo, Dustin Moraczewski, Danilo Moraes, Jerry Stalnaker, Chris Tucker, bass

Alma Mater

Marshall gracious Alma Mater,

We thy name revere;

May each noble son and daughter

Cherish thine honor dear.

May thy lamp be ever bright,

Guiding us to truth and light;

As a beacon o'er dark water

This is for thee our prayer.

May the years be kind to Marshall;

May she grow in fame;

May her children fail her never,

True to her beacon flame.

May her spirit brave and strong

Honor right and conquer wrong;


Smith Recital Hall


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Marshall University Music Department Presents the University Chorus, Spring Concert, Robert Wray, conductor