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Chris Miller



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Winter 9-4-2011

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Increasing Air (2011) was constructed using several short violin samples, which were primarily edited using classic tape manipulation techniques to form short phrases. These short phrases are combined to create the three sections of the piece. The sections use a limited amount of material; while each increases in length and intensity; they are essentially built from only two of the short phrases. These phrases are introduced in the beginning of the work and manipulated in various forms throughout the duration of the piece. A steady drone, created from an augmented version of one of the violin samples, serves to cohesively connect the sections, and at times fluctuates in intensity coinciding with the other activity in the work. The drone significantly changes during the third gesture, and remains in this form through its conclusion. The work was assembled and can be performed in a fixed media form, but will be extracted as samples and reconstructed, modifying the work for live performance.

Found (2011) was written using a series of looped materials to be performed with live electronics. The various loops are of differing lengths; some of which lock into a steady pulse, while others with an irregular duration phase through time. The work begins with several spacious sonorities, which are soon joined by a regular, pulsing drum sound that continues throughout the piece. As the work progresses more layers are added, most prominently two interlocked guitar lines, which eventually become the focal point of the piece. The other layers of the piece continue to swirl below the guitars, and together grow to a climax.

This recital is presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music composition. Mr. Miller is a student in the composition studio of Dr. Mark Zanter.

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Marshall University Department of Music presents a Senior Composition Recital - Chris Miller, live electronics