A First Course in Linear Algebra


A First Course in Linear Algebra



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Robert A. Beezer - Author


A First Course in Linear Algebra is an introductory textbook aimed at college-level sophomores and juniors. Typically students will have taken calculus/ but it is not a prerequisite. The book begins with systems of linear equations/ then covers matrix algebra/ before taking up finite-dimensional vector spaces in full generality. The final chapter covers matrix representations of linear transformations/ through diagonalization/ change of basis and Jordan canonical form. Determinants and eigenvalues are covered along the way. A unique feature of this book is that chapters/ sections and theorems are labeled rather than numbered. For example/ the chapter on vectors is labeled "Chapter V" and the theorem that elementary matrices are nonsingular is labeled "Theorem EMN." Another feature of this book is that it is designed to integrate SAGE/ an open source alternative to mathematics software such as Matlab and Maple. The author includes a 45-minute video tutorial on SAGE and teaching linear algebra. This textbook has been used in classes at: Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences/ Westmont College/ University of Ottawa/ Plymouth State University/ University of Puget Sound/ University of Notre Dame/ Carleton University/ Amherst College/ Felician College/ Southern Connecticut State University/ Michigan Technological University/ Mount Saint Mary College/ University of Western Australia/ Moorpark College/ Pacific University/ Colorado State University/ Smith College/ Wilbur Wright College/ Central Washington U (Lynwood Center)/ St. Cloud State University/ Miramar College/ Loyola Marymount University.

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A First Course in Linear Algebra