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Winter 1-1-2012


The purpose of this study was to perform cross-cultural adaptation and Hindi translation of the patient-rated wrist evaluation (PRWE) and assess psychometric properties of the PRWE-Hindi. Cross-cultural adaptation and Hindi translation of the PRWE was performed using standardized guidelines. Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) was used for assessing test–retest reliability, and Cronbach’s alpha (CA) was used for assessing the internal consistency of the PRWE-Hindi. Construct validity was assessed by examining the correlations between the PRWE-Hindi and grip strength, wrist range of movements, and self-reported pain and disability. A total of 50 patients with distal radius fracture were recruited and assessed three times (baseline, two to three days later, and four to five weeks later). PRWE-Hindi demonstrated excellent test–rest reliability (ICC=0.81) and internal consistency (CA=0.89). Moderate to low correlations (r<0.7) were observed between the PRWE-Hindi and other measures of pain and disability. Our results indicated that PRWE-Hindi is a reliable and valid tool and can be used in patients with wrist/hand injuries whose primary language is Hindi.


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