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The Geriatric Residency in Physical Therapy program at St. Catherine's Rehabilitation Hospital and Villa Maria Nursing Center has graduated 4 residents since its inception in 2003. Recently, the 4 of us program graduates convened to talk about our experiences and discovered several similarities. We laearned about our individual reasons for choosing the residency, our experiences during the time we were residents, and our plans for continued professional development. But, of course, there were some differences that made the experience unique for each of us.


Permission to reprint is granted with the understanding that duplicated material carry a full citation: “Reprinted from Camilo, S., Gravano, T., Lagares, K., Longfellow, G. The Geriatric Residency Experience, Gerinotes 2006, 13, p15-16, with permission of the Section on Geriatrics, APTA,”