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Winter 12-2012


Some individuals remain at risk for adverse outcomes such as chronic wrist/hand pain, falls, and fall-related osteoporotic fractures after distal radius fracture (DRF) remain. This thesis includes five studies that were conducted to establish prediction rules or assessing the risk of these adverse outcomes following DRF.

The first manuscript outlines a theoretical framework (RACE - Reducing pain, Activating, Cognitive reshaping, Empowering) for managing the risk of adverse outcomes, mainly chronic pain, in individuals with DRF. The RACE is one of the first frameworks to suggest a risk-based management approach for individuals with DRF.

The Patient-Rated Wrist Evaluation (PRWE) is a condition-specific measure for DRF used in research as well as clinical practice to measure pain and functions in individuals with different wrist/hand injuries. The second manuscript contributes to the literature by providing the first systematic literature review that synthesizes the evidence regarding the psychometric properties of the PRWE. The review determined that the PRWE has excellent reliability, construct validity, and responsiveness in individuals with DRF.

The third manuscript indicates that the baseline pain intensity is an independent predictor of chronic pain in individuals with DRF. The results also suggest that the individuals who score ≥35/50 on the pain scale of the PRWE at baseline have 8 times greater risk for developing chronic wrist/hand pain compared to those who score < 35/50.

The fourth and fifth manuscripts describe results of a two step study. The fourth manuscript is a structured literature synthesis that identified suitable measures for predicting the risk of falls and fall-related osteoporotic fractures following DRF. The fifth manuscript summarizes the results of preliminary analysis of psychometric properties of selected fall risk measures identified in the fourth manuscript. The fifth manuscript also provides feasibility and sample size requirements for conducting a fall prevention trial in individuals with DRF.

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