Harmonic Initial-Boundary Evolution in General Relativity

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Computational techniques which establish the stability of an evolution-boundary algorithm for a model wave equation with shift are incorporated into a well-posed version of the initial-boundary value problem for gravitational theory in harmonic coordinates. The resulting algorithm is implemented as a 3-dimensional numerical code which we demonstrate to provide stable, convergent Cauchy evolution in gauge wave and shifted gauge wave testbeds. Code performance is compared for Dirichlet, Neumann, and Sommerfeld boundary conditions and for boundary conditions which explicitly incorporate constraint preservation. The results are used to assess strategies for obtaining physically realistic boundary data by means of Cauchy-characteristic matching.


The preprint of this article is available from arXiv. The citation for the preprint version is Babiuc, M. C., Szilagyi, B., & Winicour, J. (2006). Harmonic initial-boundary evolution in general relativity. arXiv preprint gr-qc/0601039. The version of record is available from the American Physical Society at10.1103/PhysRevD.73.064017.

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