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The Attachment and Clinical Issues Questionnaire (ACIQ; M. A. Lindberg& S. W. Thomas, 2011), was developed over an 18-year period containing 29 scales. Thepurpose of the present study was to test (a) the validity of the attachment scales in terms ofhow they predict to whom one turns in times of stress and for affective sharing, and (b) how the attachment scales compared with the Experiences in Close Relationship Questionnaire (ECR) in terms of concurrent, convergent, and discriminant evidence. The relevant secure scales of the ACIQ predicted to whom one turned in Study 1, and Study 2 demonstrated good convergent evidence with the ECR, but superior concurrent evidence in predicting partner satisfaction, and superior discriminant evidence in differentially correlating with mother and father warmth. Thus, the ACIQ passed essential validity and psychometrictests and was a more robust measure than the ECR with these defining characteristics of attachment.


This is an electronic version of an article published in Marc A. Lindberg, April Fugett & Stuart W. Thomas (2012): Comparing Measures of Attachment: “To Whom one Turns in Times of Stress,” Parental Warmth, and Partner Satisfaction, The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 173:1, 41-62. The Journal of Genetic Psychology is available online at: with the open URL