"Coon songs," "rube sketches," "Irish character songs," and other dialect recordings that were popular in Vaudeville routines and genres of songs during the late 19th and early 20th century often contain negative stereotypes and portrayals of African Americans and other ethnic groups.

These recordings reflect the attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs of different times. It is possible that some individuals will find the content offensive. Some of these songs and recitations were written or performed by members of the ethnic group in question, while others were not, such as the tradition of “blackface” minstrelsy of whites performing caricatured portrayals of African Americans. To exclude these cylinders from the digital collection would deprive scholars and the public the opportunity to learn about the past and would present a distorted picture of popular culture and music making during this time period.

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The Marshall University Library and University of California, Santa Barbara Library present these documents as part of the record of the past and do not endorse the views expressed in these collections.


Submissions from 2013

Si Perkins' Barn Dance, Ada Jones and Len Spencer

Hawaiian Breezes Waltz, J. A. MacMeekin, Frank Ferera, and Helen Louise

Submissions from 2012

America, Here's My Boy, George Wilton Ballard and Arthur Lange

Star-Spangled Banner, Thomas Chalmers, Samuel Arnold, and Elizabeth Spencer

Evening Chimes, Miss Chappell, Corinne Morgan, Frank C. Stanley, and George M. Stricklett

When the Midnight Choo-choo Leaves for Alabam', Arthur Collins, Bryan G. Harlan, and Irving Berlin

Dixie, Daniel Decatur Emmett

Old Black Joe, Stephen Collins Foster

The Colored Recruits, Billy Golden and Billy Heins

Darktown Eccentricities, Billy Golden and Joe Hughes

Darling Nellie Gray, Benjamin Russel Hanby

Where the Sunset Turns the Ocean's Blue to Gold, Bryon G. Harlan, Henry W. Petrie, and Eva Fern Buckner

With His Hands in His Pockets and His Pockets in His Pants, Bryon G. Harlan and Harry Von Tilzer

The Rube and the Country Doctor, Byron G. Harlan and Frank C. Stanley

Annie Laurie, Ferdinand Himmelreich and John Douglas Scott

Roll Them Cotton Bales, John Rosamond Johnson and Billy Murray

Oh, You Silv'ry Bells, Ada Jones, Billy Murray, Jean Havez, and George Botsford

Rainbow, Ada Jones, Billy Murray, Percy Wenrich, and Bryan Alfred

Silver Bell, Ada Jones, Billy Murray, Percy Wenrich, and Edward Madden

The Old Oaker Bucket, George Kiallmark, Samuel Woodworth, and Frederick Smith

Dream of the Tyrolienne, August Labitzky, Eugene A. Jaudas, and Eugene C. Rose

It's Nice When You Love a Wee Lassie, Harry Lauder

A Wee Hoose 'mang the Heather, Harry Lauder and Gilbert Wells

My Sweet Sweeting Waltz, Helen Louise and Frank Ferera

Love's Old Sweet Song, James L. Molloy

Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner Medley, Theodore F. Morse, Arthur Collins, and Byron G. Collins

Farmyard Medley, Billy Murray

The Battle in the Air, Billy Murray

When You're All Dressed Up and No Place to Go, Billy Murray, Silvio Hein, and Benjamin Happgood Burt

Casey Jones, Billy Murray, Eddie Newton, Lawrence T. Seibert, John Bieling, Harvey Hindermyer, Steve Porter, and W. F. Hooley

When You and I Were Young, Maggie, Will Oakland, James A. Butterfield, and George W. Johnson

Silver Threads Among the Gold, Will Oakland, Hart Pease Danks, and Eben Eugene Rexford

How Could Washington Be a Married Man (And Never, Never Tell a Lie), M. J. O'Connell and Al Piantadosi

Just Before the Battle, Mother, George Frederick Root and Will Oakland

Over the Waves, Juventino Rosas

The Mocking Bird, Elizabeth Spencer, Septimus Winner, and Walter Van Brunt

Daybreak at Calamity Farm, Len Spencer and Gilbert Girard

I Laughed at the Wrong Time, Cal Stewart

Show Troupe at Pumpkin Center, Cal Stewart

Uncle Josh in a Barber Shop, Cal Stewart

Uncle Josh's Rheumatism, Cal Stewart

Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula (Hawaiian Love Song), Walter Van Brunt, Ray E. Goetz, Joe Young, and Pete Wendling

Marching Through Georgia, Henry Clay Work and James F. Harrison

Submissions from 2011

Where the Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way, Charles Avril and Henry Burr

Dancing on the House Top, Charles Daab and Edwin Christie

Put on Your Slippers, You're in for the Night, Seymour Furth, Ada Jones, Louise Dresser, and E.S.S. Huntington

I left her on the beach at Honolulu, Louis Hirsch and Walter Van Brunt

Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight, Maurice K. Jerome, Sam M. Lewis, and Joe Young

The Trial of Josiah Brown, Harlan E. Knight

In the Shadow of the Pines, G. O. Lang, Hattie Lummis, Vernon Archibald, and Royal Fish

Uncle Josh Buys an Automobile, Cal Stewart

Uncle Josh Keeps House, Cal Stewart

Snow Deer, Percy Wenrich, Jack Mahoney, Ada Jones, and Billy Murray