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The materials in this collection consist of volumes collected by Frederick Brown. There appears to be no broad theme, and the collection is eclectic. All contents of the collection will be outlined in the container list; where additional description is needed, notes will be made in this section. Additional description begins in box one:

The Ku Klux Klan photograph has a notation of “Fred D. Schultz, -address redacted- Huntington, WVa” written on it.

The “Forget Me Not Album” was a blank volume published by J.C. Riker and written in by Miss Annie McDougall of Montgomery, New York beginning in 1857. The album is richly illustrated with prints and is contains notes to Annie from various friends.

“Medical Recipes and Guide to Health Vol. 1 – J. R. Nye(?) 1852” is a pamphlet bound book that has been used in two ways. The content from 1852 appears to be pasted over material from an 1825 ledger that has been trimmed down, as evidenced by the cut off text at the bottom of every page. The 1852 material is composed of newspaper clippings discussing medical treatments and dangers pasted on the pages in the first quarter and last few pages of the book. The middle section retains the 1825 content, with some materials as early as 1824. This section appears to be a financial ledger with the ledger broken down by person with whom the writer interacted, primarily doctors. “The Perry Pictures” contains plates of famous works of art pasted onto pages of a book. The Perry Pictures Company, who produced the book, sold reproductions of famous works of art. The owner of the book, Helen Ames Williams, provided detailed identifications and descriptions of each work and the work’s artist.

The Belle Brooke diary contains only a few entries ranging from 1894-1896. Brooke writes about her inner thoughts and feelings about life. Two entries list their location as being written in Delaware, Ohio.

The District No. 6 School Trustee minutes are for a school located in Washington, New York and cover the period 1818-1884.

The Mary S. Wentz Scrapbook contains clippings (both textual and visual) from books and newspapers related to poetry, history, and current events from the 1820s and 1830s. Images include modern political figures and works of art. The scrapbook was completed using Philadelphia newspapers, and was likely created there or nearby.

The Brown, Frederick folder contains an 1866 letter from M.E. Curtis to “Friend Hallock”, two 1864 letters from William H. Griffin to Thomas Alpheus Griffin, an 1865 letter from Thomas Alpheus Griffin to William H. Griffin, an anonymous account of Company A, 26th Infantry in France during World War I, and a W. H. H. Holswade Furniture (Huntington, WV) letterhead from 1900.

The “Overseer Poor” document contains reasons and amounts of dispersal of funds for James McCamy(possibly McCarry?) between 1867 and 1869 in Wythe County. Notable charges include strychnia injections.

Carter family records include pages taken from an 1802 family Bible where the birth and death dates of those in the Carter family are recorded. No locations are listed.

The materials in box two were part of a later donation by Mrs. Brown in 1985, including:

The 1857 diary by Francis E. Goodwin has difficult to determine contextual information. Francis (female) lived somewhere in New England and makes mentions of the locations of Burlington, VT, and Bridgeport (unknown if Connecticut or other). She writes about the weather, what she does during the day, and other family notes. Her journal has an illegible location on the title page of “L----- Rock.”

The small journal containing news clippings only and no entries also contains a lock of hair in the journal’s storage pocket and a note dated 1859.

The Joel Barlow composition book was written in the 1930s by an unknown individual about Joel Barlow (1754-1812), an American poet, diplomat, and French politician.


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