0479: Wendell Kumlien Papers, 1963-1987

Marshall University Special Collections

Span Dates: 1963-1987


This collection is predominantly composed of Kumlien’s notes for assorted music courses he taught while at Marshall. Due to the disorganized and frequently unidentified nature of the content, all course materials such as outlines, lecture notes, and related class materials are grouped into folders 1 to 5. Other class materials include a separate folder for final exams and review guides which provide the course number and title as well as two student papers. Also included in the collection to a lesser extent are handbooks, faculty, and administrative material, materials related to a concert by Jon and Sharon Polifrone, and an outline for a Choral Choreography and Staging workshop by Joyce Thayn. Published materials included are “Benjamin Britten: His Life”, “Chapter III: The Development of Ives’s Choral Style (Eight Works Explored)” (likely a portion of Kumlien’s dissertation), and a work by Kumlien titled, “A Style Analysis of the Poetic and Musical Forms of the French Chanson of the So-Called Paris School” for a DMA in choral music.