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This collection consists of materials collected by Walter and Carol Stein, two individuals interested in the history of the Cabell County, West Virginia area. The collection contains two diaries by William Dusenberry, three books, copies, transcriptions, and indexes of the two diaries, and collected research on the Dugan family and the Fannie Dugan steamboat. The 1861-1862 diary has a store ledger from July 9, 1861 to August 26, 1862 and a diary from September 23 to November 11, 1862, while the 1873 diary covers the whole year. The 1861-1862 diary and store ledger mentions current events related to the Civil War and travel extensively, as well as trading and sales made to individuals and regiments. The 1873 diary principally covers daily events with a focus on rivers and boating, including mentions of the Fannie Dugan steamboat, or “the Dugan”. The books are an 1870s German Bible (no title page or publishing information present), “Hymns for the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church” revised edition, Cincinnatti, OH, 1865, and an illustrated copy of “A Christmas Carol” published in 1900 by The Knickerbocker Press. The Dugan materials includes copies of clippings and photographs related to the Dugan family and research correspondence, clippings, and photographs related to researching the Fannie Dugan steamboat, including a copy of “River News Volume 1: A Rage for the Horns, Newspaper Accounts of the Steamboats Chesapeake and Fannie Dugan”.


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