0714: W.Va. Adjutant General's Office Ledger, 1898-1899

Marshall University Special Collections

Span Dates: 1876-1896


This collection is an unbound ledger measuring 19 by 8.5 inches. It contains the muster roll for the First Regiment West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Company K, from May 14, 1898 to February 4, 1899. Important information on each soldier in the muster roll is: dates and places ofenlistment and muster-in, place of residence, and the remarks section which contains his record for his time in service. There are many entries marked through, principally sentences that refer to the “promotion” of the officer, which were changed to “appointed under Regimental order.” Many notes on confinement under guard were also struck from the record. Many privates had a note that stated he was entitled to an extra months’ pay under an Act of Congress approved Jan. 12, 1899. These were also marked through. There are separate entries in the back of the muster roll book of those who resigned, those who were discharged, transferred, or deserted. This unit should not be confused with the 1st West Virginia Infantry Regiment which was a Union Army regiment during the Civil War.