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This collection has been divided into three series: Time Logs and Material Production Records, Financial and Transactional Business Records, and Business and Personal Files. Time Logs and Material Production Records include time logs for workers, including tasks completed and rate of pay for both salt, natural gas, and chemical production, as well as production records and statistics for both natural gas and salt. Financial and Transactional Business Records include documents related to the sale of salt, chemicals, coal, and other materials or the purchase of materials by J. Q. Dickinson and Company. Business and Personal Files are divided by client or topic and include files containing correspondence and transactions with clients, business documents ranging from advertisements to tax documentation to correspondence received, and some personal files belonging to Charles C. Dickinson, Turner Ratrie, and John Quincy Dickinson. Files for clients generally include sales made to those clients and also include correspondence to and from sub-companies such as the Dry Branch Coal Company.

Time sheets and time records record names, rates of pay, hours worked, and tasks worked, serving as a valuable record of labor practices in the early and mid-twentieth century. Though only a very small part of the collection, of note are documents relating to labor issues and striking by Dry Branch Coal Company workers. Documents in the 1990s generally relate to the usage of property owned by J. Q. Dickinson and Company for farming purposes.


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Span dates: 1905-1996