The 2021 Conference on Sermon Studies took place virtually on October 15 & 16. All of the presentations came from contributors to a collection entitled A Companion to Preaching and the Sermon, The 20th Century (edited by Keith A. Francis and Robert H. Ellison, to be published by Brill in 2023 or 2024).

The complete conference program is available online. Selected recordings and other materials are posted here as well. For additional information about the conference or edited collection, please contact Robert Ellison.


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Digital Collections of Sermons

Jennifer Farooq, University of Regina
Hannah Yip, University of Birmingham

Technology and the Sermon

Thomas Breimaier, Spurgeon’s College
William S. Skiles, Regent University
Mark Ward Sr, University of Houston, Victoria
Cipto Wardoyo, Coventry University

The Current State of the Field: Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe

Syed Alam, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi
Ishaya Anthony, Stellenbosch University
Philipp Reisner, Johannes Gutenberg University

The Current State of the Field: Australasian Stories

Joanna Cruickshank, Deakin University, Australia
Michael Gladwin, Charles Sturt University