YouTube has become the most popular video sharing medium on the internet. Due to its influence, it has started to play an important role in religious teaching (Dorrol and Dorrol 2017: 309). This includes Islamic preaching on YouTube, which has become a popular phenomenon among Muslim communities such as those in the UK and the US. This remains an under-researched phenomenon, however.

Van Noppen (2015) suggests that oral ritual activities such as praying and preaching are primarily linguistic behaviours which can be analysed by speech act theory to see how specific acts are realised in these activities. In order to carry out this analysis, it is first necessary to have a systematically compiled corpus of English Islamic preaching. This poster will describe the compilation of such a corpus, which contains transcriptions of talks given by 10 male and 10 female preachers on the subject of the family in Islam on YouTube. This corpus will be used to identify the ways they use to give advice and to find out whether these vary by the gender of the preacher concerned.

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