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Summer 5-2014


BACKGROUND: The immune-modulating drug, infliximab, is approved for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) treatment in children. Chronic therapy with infliximab is associated with the development of early and delayed infusion reactions. We reviewed our experience with infliximab treatment and its side effects in a cohort of children diagnosed with IBD who were treated in our clinic.

METHODS: A retrospective analysis of all IBD children treated with infliximab in our center from 2006-2011 was performed. The demographic, chronological and clinical data were recorded. The infliximab infusion was given at 5mg/ kg according to a standard protocol after pre-treatment with low dose steroid and diphenhydramine.

RESULTS: Of 30 IBD patients (23 CD/7 UC) receiving 454 infusions (341 CD/113 UC), six (20%) patients experienced early infusion reactions. Two (6.7%) patients had a delayed reaction; of those, both required intestinal resection.

CONCLUSION: Our study is the first to address the safety of infliximab infusion reactions in children in the state of WV. Our results lend support to the use and safety of infliximab in children with moderate to severe IBD.


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