Interaction between GATA-3 and the Transcriptional Coregulator Pias1 Is Important for the Regulation of Th2 Immune Responses

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Th2 cytokine expression is dependent on the transcription factor GATA-3. However, the molecular interactions of GATA-3 leading to Th2 cytokine gene activation have not been well characterized. Here, we reported a number of GATA-3 associated proteins in Th2 cells, and one of such proteins Pias1 functioned as a positive transcriptional coregulator for GATA-3. When overexpressed in Th2 cells, Pias1 enhanced the expression of IL-13, and to lesser degrees, IL-4 and -5. Conversely, Pias1 siRNA down-regulated the Th2 cytokine expression. In Leishmania major infection, manipulating Pias1 expression in parasite-reactive CD4 T cells altered severity of disease caused by Th2 responses. Mechanistically, Pias1 markedly potentiated GATA-3-mediated activation of the IL-13 promoter by facilitating the recruitment of GATA-3 to the promoter. In contrast, IL-5 promoter was modestly enhanced by Pias1 and no effect was observed on IL-4 promoter. Thus, both promoter activation and additional mechanisms are responsible for regulation by Pias1.


This article first appeared in the December 15, 2007 issue of The Journal of Immunology, the member magazine of The American Association of Immunologists, and is reprinted with permission.

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