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Fall 8-3-2016


We report a rare case of association of temporal arteritis with recurrent central corneal ulcer. A 91-year-old male with a remote history of clinically diagnosed giant cell arteritis (GCA) and penetrating keratoplasty (PK) for corneal edema in 1990’s in the left eye presented with irritation and severe dry eye. He progressively developed central corneal ulcer regardless of treatment with aggressive lubrication and patching. The clinical course, blood tests and temporal artery biopsy results yielded the diagnosis of recurrent GCA. The clinical course improved after starting oral steroids. The case report illustrates the importance of ruling out GCA in patients with recurrent corneal ulcers and history of GCA. It also highlights the significance of shared understanding between primary care physicians and specialists to handle common and chronic diseases to make efficient diagnoses and plan treatment regimens. This is the first plausible case of reported GCA association with central corneal ulcer in the United States.


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