Submissions from 2013


Consent and the Subjective World of the Worker, Marty Laubach and Michael Wallace

Submissions from 2009

Paranormal Activity in West Virginia, Marty Laubach


Trials and Triumphs: Piloting a Web Conference System to Deliver Blended Learning across Multiple Sites, Marty Laubach and Laura J. Little

Submissions from 2007


The Epistemology of Esoteric Culture: Spiritual Claim-Making within the American Neopagan Community, Marty Laubach


The Practitioner, The Priest, and The Professor: Perspectives on Self-Initiation in the American Neopagan Community, Marty Laubach, Louis Martinie’, and Roselinda Clemons

Submissions from 2005


Consent, Informal Organization, and Job Rewards: A Mixed Methods Analysis, Marty Laubach

Submissions from 2004


The Social Effects of Psychism: Spiritual Experience and the Construction of Privatized Religion, Marty Laubach

Submissions from 2002


Structural Identity Theory and the Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Work Groups, P. Christopher Earley and Marty Laubach

Submissions from 2000


Final Report on Client Study of the Community Social Services Study of the Impact of Indiana's Welfare Reforms, Maureen Pirog, Choong - Geun Chung, Tara Grieshop, Richard Hung, Paul Kirby, Marilyn Klotz, Brian Pennington, Leah Querimit, Lisa Thomassen, Mala Vyas, and Marty Laubach