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Cases of college and university administrators using funding for student publications as a mechanism to attempt to exercise control over student media arise on a fairly steady basis (Hapney & Russo, 2013). Occasionally, this comes in the form of student government associations that defund student newspapers in retaliation for reportage. Usually, funding provided by administrators and student government associations is not a license to control student newspapers on public university campuses, in particular (2013). Struggles and conflict between university administrators and student journalists over who controls student newspapers in Ohio is evident— including the issue of funding (Hapney & Lucas, 2014a).

This article begins with a review of the relevant literature associated with student newspaper budget cuts carried out by college and university administrators, including an examination of the important federal and Supreme Court cases associated with this scenario. It also outlines the method used in examining budgetary issues on four public university campuses in the state of Ohio. The views of university administrators, faculty members, and student journalists at these universities are outlined. It concludes with ideology in relation to a continual issue with which administrators, faculty members, and student journalists contend.


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