More Sermons in Stories


More Sermons in Stories


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This is a sequel or companion volume to There Are Sermons in Stories, which Stidger published in 1942. In “A Word to Start This Book,” he writes, “Jesus himself recognized that the short story, or parable, is the best form of preaching and the best way to keep the soul of the world alive.” He thus published the book “with the hope that it may be useful to those who are dedicated to moving humanity—or some small part of it—to higher levels” (p. 9).

Like There Are Sermons and some of his other books, More Sermons is cataloged under “Homiletical illustrations” rather than “Sermons.” This raises the question of whether the contents should be regarded as stories to be included in sermons or as “story sermons” in and of themselves. In keeping with Stidger’s use of terms such as “dramatic book sermon” to describe his other works, these pieces are designated as “story sermons” in the User Guide.

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Abingdon-Cokesbury Press


New York


Appalachia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, William Le Roy Stidger, Methodist Episcopal Church, Sermons


Appalachian Studies | Digital Humanities | Other Religion | Rhetoric


Marshall does not own this book; according to WorldCat, the nearest physical copy is at Ohio Christian University in Circleville. It was copyrighted upon its publication in 1944, but it is not included in Stanford University’s “Copyright Renewals” database. It thus appears to be in the public domain.

More Sermons in Stories