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Spring 5-2014


“Doctor, you know this patient’s HIV-positive.” The scrub nurse’s words hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been called into the operating room to assist one of my colleagues, a good friend and a good surgeon, who had requested my help after he had inadvertently gotten into the bladder during a hernia repair. I scrubbed in and took a look – the bladder neck was almost completely detached from the bladder. A small papillary tumor was visible just lateral to the left ureteral orifice. I snipped off the tumor with the Metzenbaum scissors, fulgurated its base, and proceeded to help him sew the bladder back together with some resorbable suture. We were finishing the repair when I moved some peritoneum away with my hand and accidentally stuck the back of my left middle finger with the suture needle. “What?”


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