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It is one of the most daunting tasks: trying to find a strong fight scene for a Skills Proficiency Test or even a class project. The truth of the matter is that your main focus is to pass your skills test while hopefully leaving an impression on your peers(especially the adjudicator!). Passing, and hopefully receiving an Examiner’s Award for Excellence, is the best result; or if you are at a National Stage Combat Workshop, you could possibly receive a Certificate for Best Actress or Actor. At the very heart of the issue, you need a scene that will work for both acting and fighting.

Not only actors feel this issue. Even now my friends who teach skills tests express similar problems that I have encountered while teaching in a college setting. Students flock to our offices asking, “Where/How do I find a fight scene?” The common result, which can be a problem, is that many student actors locate scenes that have a heightened conflict, but often do not call for stage violence.


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