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Fall 9-14-2014


In this paper we will discuss a model aimed at improving the spectral data representation of stereophonic audio in a way that allows efficient stereophonic data visualization and linear manipulation of arbitrary parts of the stereo image. The stereo pair is here interpreted as a single spectrum with additional dimensions, expressing the Interaural Intensity Difference (IID) and Interaural Phase Difference (IPD) for each FFT bin. These dimensions are evaluated assuming that the stereo signal is an instantaneous mixture with a residual amount of convolutive phenomena. Even if this assumption is not generally true for the majority of music signals it is applicable to single stems or submixes used during music production or other signals that comes in pairs.

After a brief overview of the state of the art in stereo data representation, we will introduce the proposed dimensions, then we will show how they can be displayed and finally we will suggest a technique to manipulate the stereophonic data in realtime.


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