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Spring 5-17-2011


Shell is a town located in the Eastern foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes approximately 94 miles Southeast of Quito. Hospital Vozandes del Oriente (HVO) is a hospital located in Shell owned and operated by Hoy Cristo Jesús Bendice (HCJB) Global. HCJB is a non-profit mission organization committed to Biblical values and community development principles.

Pure Pastaza, a senior design team from Calvin College, in conjunction with HCJB, has designed a wastewater treatment system for HVO. The design promotes the protection of human and environmental health by providing a sustainable solution to wastewater treatment and sets an example of stewardship to the surrounding community.

The existing wastewater treatment system for the hospital property includes a pipe network and collection system leading to an undersized septic tank. As no drainfield or secondary treatment exist, effluent from the septic tank passes directly into the Motolo River south of the hospital without receiving additional treatment. There is also no appropriate method or suitable location established for septage disposal, which has consequently been disposed of directly in the river. The hospital has therefore requested the design of an alternative method of wastewater treatment and disposal of the sludge produced.

Various treatment alternatives have been analyzed and compared from a standpoint of stewardship and cultural appropriateness. Pure Pastaza is recommending significant modifications to the existing septic system. The design utilizes an additional septic tank in series with the original, a dosing tank and a drain field. This design has been chosen due to its simplicity and relatively low maintenance. The sludge will be disposed of through on site burial techniques.


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