2017 COLA Research & Creativity Conference

Thursday, April 20

  Drinko 138 Drinko 349 Drinko 402
9:15-10:30 am I: Byrd I
II: Technologies in Action
III: Families & Security
10:45 am-12 pm IV: Conflicts & Solutions
V: Gendering Media
VI: Pedagogy & Development
1:30-2:45 pm VII: Culture & Politics
VIII: Language & Literature
IX: Interactions across Space and Time
3-4:15 pm X: Law & Politics
XI: Meditations on Heidegger

Poster Session I – 10-11 am (4th floor, Drinko)

Poster Session II – 2-3 pm (4th floor, Drinko)

Friday, April 21

  Drinko 138 Drinko 349 Drinko 402
9:15-10:30 am XII: Video Games
XIII: Re-animating Film
XIV: Political Change & Policy
10:45 am-12 pm XV: Education
XVI: Marginalization
XVII: Creative Nonfiction
1:30-2:45 pm XVIII: Society & Culture I
  XIX: Elections
3-4:15 pm XX: Society & Culture II
XXI: Byrd II
XXII: Explorations of the Arts

Luncheon: 12-1:30 pm, Marcos, MSC

Thursday, April 20

9:15-10:30 am

Panel I: Examining Robert C. Byrd, I (Moderator, Damien Arthur)

  1. Andrew Church: How Majority Leader Robert Byrd Saved the Institutional Setting of the Senate
  2. Ashley Butler: The Overlooked Investigator of Watergate: Senator Robert C. Byrd's Influence
  3. Gregory Gwinn: Robert C. Byrd: The Man Behind West Virginia
  4. Gregory McCown: Contrasting Styles of Senatorial Leadership: A Comparative Case Study of the Differing Managerial Styles of United States Senators Robert C. Byrd and Lyndon Johnson

Panel II: Technologies in Action (Moderator, Stephen Underhill)

  1. Alyssa Hager: The Power of Influence: Black Lives Matter Movement
  2. Courtney Mobley: The Effects of Cellphone Use on Face-to-Face Interaction
  3. Evan Robinson: Society Disconnect
  4. Teagan Anthis: Self-Disclosure: Online v. Face-to-Face, Loved Ones v. Strangers

Panel III: Families & Security (Moderator, Dan Holbrook)

  1. Brooke (Alexis) Rinaldi: Investigating Public Opinions of Breastfeeding
  2. Kassandra Contreras: Communication Apprehension
  3. Lilia Chirico: Relational Closeness and Disclosure Between Siblings
  4. Michael Fields: Syrian Refugees: Morality or Security?

10:45 am-12 pm

Panel IV: Conflicts & Solutions (Moderator, Dawn Goel)

  1. Chelsea Cobranchi, Krystal Harrison, Zachary Jenkins, Bree Lusher, and Mikala Miller: Giving Hope to Expectant Mothers: The Problem of Addiction in our Community
  2. Alex Cadle, Sha'Kayla Franklin, Taylor Muncy, Lilly Spoor, and Casey Ward: Generation Elevation: Promoting Sex Education Awareness
  3. Olivia Barlas, Margaret Clark, Taylor Estes, Tayler Stamey, Ashlee Vandruff, and Keith Bell: Marshall Community Trans Clothing Closet
  4. John Bush: Is Conflict Style or Belief about Conflict Most Indicative of Positive Outcomes?

Panel V: Gendering Media (Moderator, Del Chrol)

  1. Karshara Spaulding: The Growth of Feminism through Japanese Shojo Manga
  2. Nolan Miller: Female Spirit Possession and Sexuality in Genji monogatari
  3. Alicia Turner: Scott Pilgrim vs. Himself: The Patriarchal Presence of NegaScott in Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  4. Jessica Hutchinson: Gender Identity in V for Vendetta

Panel VI: Pedagogy & Development (Moderator, Michael Woods)

  1. Shari Holland: Poverty and its Effects on Food and Education in Children
  2. Kya Williams: Youngstown, OH: A Shrinking City's New Economic Plan
  3. Allison Braenovich: Examining Expertise in the Disciplines: Using Genre Theory to Research How Students are Asked to Perform Expertise
  4. Jieying Zhou: How Yutori Education System Affected Japanese Society

1:30-2:45 pm

Panel VII: Culture & Politics (Moderator, Jamie Warner)

  1. Jacob Thomas: Attitude of a Monday Night War: Reflection of Political Attitude Change in WWE and WCW
  2. Jordan Dixon: Blood and Power: Bloodlines and the Rise to Power for Women in Game of Thrones
  3. Joshua Mann: Protest Culture's Influence on Popular Music in France and America
  4. Moriah Harman: Espionage in Popular Culture

Panel VIII: Language & Literature (Moderator, Abby Daniel)

  1. Chelsea Maynard: Inconsistent Normativity: Halsey's Badlands and Queer Theory
  2. Kari Slone: Pocahontas the Eco-Feminist
  3. Tiara Craigo: Forever Changed by the Doctor
  4. Catherine Wippel: Facilitating Japanese-English Bilingualism for Japanese Children in West Virginia

Panel IX: Interactions across Time and Space (Moderator, Anita Walz)

  1. Alexandra Bright: Indian Gurus Uproot Yoga's Traditions
  2. Katarena Jarrell: Does the El Nino Southern Oscillation Play a Role in the Spatial Distribution of Tornadoes in the United States?
  3. Tavish Riley: American Flooding and National Security
  4. Kayla McDowell: The Use of Communication Accommodation in Day-to-Day Interactions and the Use of Communication Accommodation to Build Intercultural Relationships

3-4:15 pm

Panel X: Law & Politics (Moderator, Jamie Warner)

  1. Ashley Wilson: The Balloon Effect on West Virginia
  2. Caleb Hurt: Anonymous and Symbolism
  3. Carmen Webb: The Media vs. DNA: How the Use of DNA and the Media in the OJ Simpson Trial Forever Changed the Criminal Justice System
  4. Samantha Holiskey: Odd Man Out: An Analysis of West Virginia's Slow Adoption of Energy Efficiency

Panel XI: Meditations on Heidegger (Moderator, John Vielkind)

  1. Adam Hill: Life in a Place Between the Stars
  2. James Waldeck: Conceptualization Contra Contextualization: Truth in Heidegger's "The Origin of the Work of Art"
  3. Jonathan Ross: The Death of Art and the Political Implications

Poster Session I: 10-11 am

  1. John Muncy: What Color is Your Shirt?: The Effects of Priming on Rock, Paper, Scissors
  2. Natasha Thomas: Effects of Attachment on the Development of Borderline Personality Disorder
  3. Jordan Lambert: Turning a New Leaf: How the New South Creed Outlined Expansion in Southwest Virginia
  4. Olivia Boso: The Phenomenon of Love Addiction
  5. Kathryn Thompson: Teaching Literary Theory through Annotated Graphic Novels
  6. Landon Marcum: The Attachments and Clinical Issues of Males and Females in IPV
  7. Camden Everidge: Crime Addiction Scale
  8. Kristopher Collins: Ceramics from a WV Coal Company Town: A Case Study
  9. Jieying Zhou: Why Do Victims Keep Returning to Abusive Intimate Partnerships

Poster Session II: 2-3 pm

  1. Rachael Deck: Neurobiology of BPD: Abnormalities in the Cerebral Cortex and Limbic System
  2. Chelsea Wallen: The Effectiveness of Treatment Plans for Incarcerated Individuals with Personality Disorders
  3. Christin Gerwig: A Literature Review of Illicit Opioid Use in Urban vs. Rural Areas
  4. Kalyn Smith: Millennials: The Mental Health Effects of Social Media and Gaming
  5. Myrissa Grose: Relationship Between Chronic Mental and Immune Health
  6. Shakira Bowman: The Effects of Racial Discrimination on the Self Achievement of African American Youth
  7. Taylor Freeland: Effects of PTSD in Combat Deployed vs. Non-Combat Deployed Military Cohorts
  8. Alicia Pelfrey: How Big is Your Bubble? Effects of Race and Gender on Personal Space
  9. Kasey Lobo: Give Me Some Space: How is Nonverbal Behavior Influenced by Gender and Weight?
  10. Lacee Emery: The Effects of Divorce on Children Based on Age and Gender (Advisor: Marc Lindberg)

Friday, April 21

9:15-10:30 am

Panel XII: Video Games (Moderator, Zelideth Rivas)

  1. Emmalee Ellison: Objection!: Ace Attorney and the Japanese Criminal Courts
  2. Jonathan Nance: Spriggans, Atronachs, and Elemental Magic: Representations of Nature in Bethesda Studios' The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. Logan Spence: Video Game Interactive Rhetoric

Panel XIII: Re-animating Film (Moderator, Walter Squire)

  1. Ethan Sharp: An Examination of Disney's Mulan Adaptation
  2. Jessica Roth: The Nightmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton's Self-Adaptation
  3. Lydia Cyrus: Fabricated History and False Feminism: How Disney Reimagined and Reshaped the Story of Pocahontas
  4. Sarah Canterbury: Beast and the Beauty: How and Why Disney Adapted La Belle et la Bete to be the Beast's Story

Panel XIV: Political Change & Policy (Moderator, Jamie Warner)

  1. Austin Blake: The Family Farm Phenomenon: How America's Roots are Drying Up
  2. Jada Williams: Addressing the Generalization of Nonprofit Organization Volunteer Management
  3. Jessica Meadows: A Bloody Affair: Thomas Boleyn's Political Influence on the English Religious Reformation
  4. Taylor Weisend: US Implementation of the Stockholm Convention: What Went Wrong?

10:45 am-12 pm

Panel XV: Education: Its Past and Futures (Moderator, John Stromski)

  1. Joe Gates: Progressing Towards the Future
  2. Matthew Kelley: Statistical Warfare: The Casualties of Higher Learning
  3. Rachel Shafer: Unequal Playing Time

Panel XVI: Marginalization (Moderator, Jamie Warner)

  1. Abdul Mazagri: Mass Incarceration: The Blind Side of the BLM Movement
  2. Autumn Haithcock: Stand Up, Fight Back: Native American Struggles and Rising Up
  3. Christopher Eddy: Trumping Gender: Exploring Implicit Gender Roles in Campaign Advertisements
  4. Cara Eskins: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: West Virginia's Persistent Unemployment Problem

Panel XVII: Creative Nonfiction (Moderator, Rachael Peckham)

  1. Michelle Woodstuff: Choosing Sleep: Love in Death
  2. Kathryn Thompson: Seeking Compassion
  3. Lauren Mendez: The Study Abroad Student's Must Know Guide to Spending a Month in Florence, Italy
  4. Sarah Canterbury: The Books I Never Read

1:30-2:45 pm

Panel XVIII: Society & Culture I (Moderator, Marty Laubach)

  1. Jocelyn Taylor: Marshall University's Progress through NAGPRA
  2. Sydney Mullins: Is She Worse than Him: An Attitudes and Perceptions Study
  3. Taylor Grimmett: Appalachian Dialect
  4. Jake Farley: Community Building through Artistic Engagement: An Ethnographic Study on Artistic Youth Development Programs and their Implementation in Huntington, WV

Panel XIX: Elections (Moderator, Jamie Warner)

  1. Andrew McCoy: Brexit: An International Relations Perspective
  2. Lindsay Burley: Critical Election Theory and the 2016 Presidential Election
  3. Seth Husk: Election 2016: Mass Media Influence
  4. Taylor Norman: The Mental Health of US Public Officials

3-4:15 pm

Panel XX: Society & Culture II (Moderator, Marty Laubach)

  1. Alanna Morgan: Families and Caretakers of the Disabled
  2. Rachael Deck: Awareness of Interaction Protocols in Nursing Homes
  3. Davis Dale: Millennials' Connection to Social Media
  4. Michael Haverty: The Use of Social Media by Contemporary Witchcraft Communities

Panel XXI: Examining Robert C. Byrd, II (Moderator, Damien Arthur)

  1. Jebediah Dickerson: Robert C. Byrd's Post World War II Involvement with African American Integration
  2. Nigel Wallace: A Byrd and His Thorn
  3. Sara Price-Fortney: West Virginia's Park Ranger: A Look at Senator Robert C. Byrd's Contribution to the National Parks System in West Virginia
  4. Jessica McGhee: Robert C. Byrd: The Progression of Race

Panel XXII: Explorations of the Arts (Moderator, Robin Riner)

  1. Arika Michaelis: How Gigging Musicians Utilize Social Media
  2. Justin Evans: The Use of Non-Verbal Communication in Music Performing Arts
  3. Ethan Lyvers: You Are What You Play: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Healthy Acting Technique
  4. Rebecca Fitzgerald: Think Outside the Bun: Influences of Persuasion and Novelty Food