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Richard A. Garnett

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Kenneth Paul Ambrose

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Frederick Roth


This study of domestic violence in Appalachia with a focus on Cabell County, West Virginia involves many aspects. The costs of domestic violence, as well as, how abused women here conceptualize the major contributors to abusive behavior in men are examined. The demographics of Cabell Co., WV are discussed. The effects of battering and violence on woman’s work and employability are examined. What I did not anticipate to find through the qualitative interviews is the absence of a honeymoon stage in Walker’s (1989) cycle of violence. Goode’s (1971) resource theory provides an influential explanation of violence in Appalachia where a lot of families lack economic resources. Force then becomes one of several resources that form the basis of the family stratification system.


Domestic violence - Appalachian Region.

Domestic violence - Cabell County (W. Va.)