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Elizabeth Boyles

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Fred Jay Krieg

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Joyce Meikamp


The effect of space and furnishings, as measured by the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale – Revised (ECERS-R), on the School Readiness Composite (SRC) of the Bracken Basic Concept Scale –Revised (BBCS-R) was investigated. The data analyzed was collected as part of the West Virginia Educare Initiative and included the SRC from 65 preschool students, ranging in age from 2 years, 6 months to 5 years, 0 months. The first subtest score on the ECERS-R, space and furnishings, was also calculated for each child’s classroom. The Spearman rank correlation coefficient between the SRC on the BBCS-R and the space and furnishings score on the ECERS-R was .26 at the .05 level of significance. Due to the low level of the correlation coefficient and lack of research in this area, duplicate studies are needed.


Readiness for school