The College of Liberal Arts has a proud tradition of fostering critical thinking, effective collaboration, and high-level communication skills. The outstanding work presented at this conference stands as evidence that our current students and their faculty mentors are continuing that tradition. The students who participate in the COLA Research and Creativity Conference are joining the community of scholars in their fields. They have been inspired by challenging questions, they have examined those questions in light of theory, research, and practice in their fields, and they have demonstrated the ability to contribute to that research and creative work. I thank our students for the time and effort they have put into these projects. I thank them for their devotion to self-directed learning and discovery, their ambition in taking on challenging projects, and their courage in presenting new ideas to an audience of their peers and professors. I am deeply grateful to the outstanding faculty in the College of Liberal Arts, who have dedicated themselves to helping students grow into the knowledge and skills that will lead them to success in their professions. I thank the coordinating committee, led by Dr. Roxanne Aftanas, who worked tirelessly to plan this year’s conference. I look forward to this year’s showcase of outstanding student work.

Robert B. Bookwalter, Ph.D.

Robert B. Bookwalter, Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Marshall University

19th Annual Research and Creativity Conference

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Thursday (April 22, 2021)
Friday (April 23, 2021)