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The methodology of rapid experimentation focuses on discovering a problem’s solutions through leap-offaith assumptions that will delight the end users. Rapid experimentation has been used by Silicon Valley in developing products and services that have excited consumers and changed business expectations. Developers need to have high functioning team members that are open to new experiences and that can deliver experiences to customers from products and services that not only exceed customer expectations, but delight them. In this paper, we present a case using this Silicon Valley methodology of rapid experimentation in solving the problem of substance abuse. We reflect on two team’s efforts in finding a solution to the problem of substance abuse. Starting at the same time, using the same resources, and having access to the same information, each team found a different solution. Both solutions are valid as both exceeded and delighted the users. Furthermore, this case illustrates that the application of rapid experimentation can be injected into classrooms to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


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