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Educational Leadership


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Teresa Eagle

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Michael Cunningham

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Lisa A. Heaton

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Corley Dennison


This two-phase study focuses primarily on improving faculty and staff knowledge as it relates to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Phase one of the study examined the current FERPA training practices at four year, public higher education institutions in West Virginia via an interview process, using a mixed quantitative and qualitative design. Phase two of the study determined the effectiveness of an online comprehensive FERPA training module as compared to an online simple notification of the FERPA regulation module, and whether either significantly increased the level of FERPA knowledge among faculty and staff at one higher education institution in West Virginia. The population in phase one included the nine Registrars employed at four year public institutions in WV. The population of phase two was a convenience sample that included randomly selected, full time faculty and staff at one specific public four-year higher education institution. The analysis of phase one indicated that the majority of faculty and staff receive no formal campus wide training related to FERPA regulations. Based on the findings of phase two, a comprehensive, in-depth training indicates a greater benefit in FERPA understanding than a simple reading of the regulation. However, even simple exposure to the FERPA law can increase awareness if a comprehensive FERPA training program is not available. The results of this study support more in-depth, regular FERPA training for faculty and staff at all higher education institutions.


United States. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Student records -- Law and legislation -- United States.

Privacy, Right of -- United States.