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Curriculum and Instruction


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Edna M. Meisel

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Ronald B. Childress

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Louis Watts

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Sandra Stroebel


The purpose of this national study was to investigate the perceptions of public high school principals regarding the effectiveness of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program. The study examined the perceived influence of the program regarding the social development of the cadet, the behavior of the cadet, and the overall school environment. Data for this study was collected through an anonymous online survey emailed to current principals in public high schools across the United States where JROTC is offered as a course selection. Of the 3,062 schools identified as the population, 491 usable surveys provided participant information for data analysis. Principals indicated their level of agreement; from strongly disagree to strongly agree, regarding the perceived effectiveness of the JROTC program influence related to three constructs: social development of the cadet, behaviors of the cadet, and school environment. Responses were also compared based on demographic data related to the principals and to the schools. Findings indicated that high school principals perceived participation in the JROTC program as having a positive influence on the cadets’ social development, cadets’ behaviors, and on the overall school environment. Additionally, the study concluded that the strongest concentration of statistical significance based on demographics appears in the items measuring cadets’ social development. Findings resulting from the quantitative data and qualitative data, collected by open ended survey questions, suggest that the JROTC does more than merely prepare students for a successful military career. Findings from this study suggest that principals in schools with JROTC find the program to be effective in helping cadets meet goals and satisfy needs.


United States. Army. Junior ROTC.

Behavior modification.