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Curriculum and Instruction


College of Education

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First Advisor

Lisa A. Heaton

Second Advisor

Dixie Billheimer

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Elizabeth Campbell

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Edna Meisel


The purpose of this research is to share findings about the perceptions of beginning teachers and mentor teachers throughout West Virginia regarding the professional development topics and skills that are most critical to the success of new teachers. In addition, this study provides data regarding perceptions of goals that are most important in the design of professional development and the most beneficial professional development delivery models for beginning teachers. Responses are used to examine the perceptions of mentors and beginning teachers regarding the professional development needs of beginning teachers. The West Virginia Center for Professional Development provides staff development targeted for beginning teachers. The success of the implementation of these course sessions rests on the appropriate topics being delivered. To ensure beginning teachers are receiving the most appropriate professional development, data must be available to determine the needs of beginning teachers as perceived by teachers and mentors. Data obtained from responses to the online surveys, Warren’s Professional Development Inventory for Teachers and Warren’s Professional Development Inventory for Mentors are compared using descriptive and inferential statistics with written responses being coded, sorted and analyzed to identify emergent themes. The study had a population of 1,173 West Virginia teachers and mentors. Three hundred fifty-one surveys were returned offering a 95% confidence level with a 4.4% margin of error.


Teachers -- In-service training -- West Virginia.