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College of Liberal Arts

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Martin Laubach

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Maggie Stone

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Robin McCutcheon


This study explores the quantitative and qualitative data relating to the consent deal, informal work organizations, and how job satisfaction links to both. Using a study done by Laubach and Wallace, I will replicate the results in a different industry and on a broader scale. I developed qualitative data through months of participant observation at the general manager level of fast casual restaurants as well as multiple interviews. I gathered quantitative information from the GSS on aspects of the consent deal and how it affects a worker’s subjective response to their workplace in general and their job satisfaction in particular. The conclusion supports the theory that the consent deal, and its counterpart, a higher position in one of the informal workplace networks, specifically the administrative clan, has a positive effect on job satisfaction. My conclusions include how to foster a strong informal organization that benefits the team members and the business. The significance of this work is that it substantiates and broadens the discussion of the consent deal and subtleties of the informal organization.


Industrial organization -- Research.

Industrial sociology -- Research.