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Family and Consumer Sciences


College of Education

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Mary Jo Graham

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Kelli J. Williams

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Robert Bickel


Evaluations are used to determine a program’s merit. “Germ City” utilizes experiential learning of adequate hand washing skills. An elementary school in southwestern West Virginia served to determine if the evaluation design for “Germ City” would prove to be an effective assessment for the hand-washing program. Four hundred and eighty-four participants completed an eight-question pre/post test; one hundred and forty-nine students underwent a hand quadrant evaluation. In addition, a soap and paper towel usage log was recorded. Fifty-four percent of the participants were male, forty-six percent female (n=483) with a mean grade level of 3.6 (n=484). Post test results indicated that there was a significant increase in knowledge gain and in hand washing effectiveness; however, 50.6% (n=99) did not change or decreased their hand washing technique. There was an increase in paper towel usage post intervention, but a decrease of soap used in the rest rooms. A comparison between pre test and post test, hand quadrant treatment, along with the soap and paper towel usage log disproved the hypothesis, by rejecting the evaluation design.


Hand washing - Study and teaching (Elementary) - Simulation methods


Hygiene - Study and teaching (Elementary) - Simulation methods