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Leadership Studies


College of Education and Professional Development

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Louis Watts

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Eugenia Damron

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Lisa A. Heaton

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Santina St. John


The purpose of this study was to assess principals’ and faculty senate chairs’ perceptions of the effectiveness of WV BOE Policy 5000: Procedures for Designated Hiring and Transfer of School Personnel, in improving teacher hiring practices in West Virginia schools. Policy 5000 was enacted on September 16, 2013; therefore, West Virginia’s schools were required by state policy to include a configuration of faculty senate committees in the hiring process, if the faculty senate voted to participate. A wide-scale effectiveness status check has not been conducted since that date. A mixed-methods study was designed to examine the perceptions of principals and faculty senate chairs concerning the provisions of WV BOE Policy 5000 that allowed faculty senates to have input in the process of hiring new teachers in schools. Data were collected from surveys sent to principals and faculty senate chairs in schools across West Virginia. All state-approved faculty senate hiring committee configurations were being used throughout the state. It was revealed that a majority of principals and faculty senate chairs agreed or strongly agreed that faculty senate involvement in Policy 5000 positively improved the teacher hiring process in West Virginia schools. However, the level of agreement to the effectiveness of the policy decreased with the grade level of the school for principals and the years of experience for faculty senate chairs. Principals and faculty senate chairs perceived teachers having a voice, input, and involvement in the hiring process as being the most beneficial outcome. A majority of principals and faculty senate chairs perceived no negative outcomes of Policy 5000, and they did not recommend any changes to Policy 5000.


Education -- West Virginia.

Educational leadership.

School principals.