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School Psychology


Graduate School of Education and Professional Development

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R. Lanai Jennings

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Sandra Stroebel

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Linda Winter


There are known differences in reading development between DHH and hearing populations, but there is limited research in the field of reading development in DHH populations. The aim of this study is to use bibliometric analysis to examine two major journal outlets focused on the advancement of the education of children and adults who are DHH to determine 1) the extent to which the peer-reviewed literature focuses on reading instruction and its five elements; 2) the most influential authors being cited in this area of research; 3) the age of the research being cited; 4) the influence of related disciplines on instructing children who are deaf and hard of hearing in reading. Results showed a limited amount of articles published related to reading and the majority of those articles related to reading in general. The most frequently cited authors and journals shows that this is a highly insular field and there is collaboration with other broad fields. Two of the most influential reading journals were cited fairly often. Although phonology was not listed as being a topic frequently published within the journals, it was the topic of the most frequently cited article. The majority of the research cited was published between 2001 and 2011.


Title of thesis is misspelled: Bibliometric Analysis of Reading Research in Deaf Education Journals


School psychology.

Deaf children -- Education.