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Healthcare Administration


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Research Paper

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Alberto Coustasse


Introduction: HIE is the exchange of clinical data as well as healthcare data among the providers, healthcare institutions, and data repositories. Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN), was adopted in the year 2004, under the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) with an objective to share the files electronically securely and in a safe manner.

Methodology: The literature review included 40 references in which information relevant to the purpose of this study was scrutinized; these references met the inclusion criterion. The methodology for this study was an extensive and thorough literature review. The sources utilized in this study encompassed primary and secondary data.

Results: HIE has significantly increased by 41% from 2008 to 2012. Also, the exchange of health information by type of clinical data has risen from 39% to 55% during the same period. NHIN has been widely recognized in the U.S, but the storage of patient data and the data architectures have remained uncertain among two models the patient-centric or centralized model, in which the patient data for a given patient is stored at one central location.

Discussion: To evaluate the effectiveness of the NHIN the hospital exchange activity, costs of implementation and the quality of care were analyzed. From the literature review, there has been a significant increase in the costs spending associated with the NHIN implementation.

Conclusion: The literature has suggested that NHIN could achieve cost savings, increase quality of care and communication between physician and the patient.


Medical informatics.

Medical records -- Management.

Information storage and retrieval systems.

Health services administration.

Health facilities -- Business management.