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Curriculum and Instruction


College of Education

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Lisa A. Heaton

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Ronald B. Childress

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Sue Hollandsworth

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Edna Meisel


This mixed-methods study explored student, graduate, and faculty perceptions of the residency portfolio process in Marshall University’s Ed.D. Program and the degree to which the portfolio met the stated goals of the program. Data was collected via online surveys, student/graduate focus groups, and individual faculty interviews. One hundred eighteen students/graduates and 14 faculty members completed the survey. Eleven students/graduates participated in the two focus groups, and eight faculty members participated in individual interviews.

The seven stated program goals were further divided into 21 indicators. The survey asked participants to rate the degree to which the residency portfolio developed students’ abilities to achieve each of the 21 indicators using a Likert scale. Participants indicated that all seven program goals were met “to a great extent” (5), the highest distinction available. Few statistically significant differences were found based upon demographics such as sex, age, program, role, cohort involvement, stage in the program, completion year, vocation, job change, motivation, or faculty years of experience with the portfolio. Focus group and faculty interviews offered confirmation of survey findings and additional examples and anecdotes to support and explain the survey data. The study offers an example of portfolios functioning as a qualifying assessment in a doctoral program for other universities considering alternatives to comprehensive examinations.


Learning and scholarship -- West Virginia.

Universities and colleges -- West Virginia -- Graduate work.

Portfolios in education.

Marshall University -- Graduate work.